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Tuning for positivity is good for users — and for business

May 31, 2024

By Ava Marino

UI screenshots showing the body type ranges tool

This month, Pinterest celebrated five years since our IPO. We also celebrated another major milestone: We now have more than half a billion monthly active users.¹

These landmark occasions are exciting for any business, but what makes it particularly gratifying for our team is the fact that we’re proving that positivity is a good business model.

Rather than using AI to tune for view time maximization, we’re tuning for positive outcomes — and it’s working.

For example, we’re investing in making Pinterest the most inclusive place online to search, save and shop. By launching tools like body type ranges in March of this year, body type technology in 2023, hair pattern search in 2021 and skin tone ranges in search in 2019, we’re continuing to invest in product features that help make everyone feel like Pinterest is a place for them.

As Bill Ready, CEO of Pinterest, put it: “We’re executing with tremendous clarity and focus, shipping new products and experiences that users want, and in doing so, we’re finding our best product market fit in years.”

We’re seeing 1.5 billion Pins saved every week² and 85% of weekly Pinterest users have said Pinterest is where they go to start a new project.³

By tuning for positivity and continuing our efforts to make Pinterest a place for everyone, we’re building a better feed that actually feeds the soul. And users agree: Eight out of ten people have voted Pinterest as a positive place online.⁴

Interested in helping to build a more positive product? Explore our current openings.


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